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#8: Yes, Design Thinking (& Innovation) is Bullsh*t - Part 3

#8: Yes, Design Thinking (& Innovation) is Bullsh*t - Part 3

In Part 2 of our Design Thinking series, we discuss why Design Thinking is a poor tool for innovation and Austin reveals his alternative oversimplified hexagons for success.

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In Part 3, we discuss:

  • The three primary pitfalls of Design Thinking as a tool for innovation.

  • Why Apple and Steve Jobs have never been design thinkers (despite Design Thinking enthusiasts pointing to them as Design Thinking gods).

  • The iPenis.

  • Problems with brainstorming.

  • The many biases that have led to Design Thinking becoming a $6 billion industry.

  • Why Design Thinking is a dangerous tool for brand identity design.

  • Austin’s signature (oversimplified) 5 hexagons that can help you become the next Facebook or Coca-Cola.

  • The famous brand that has always followed Austin’s 5 hexagons.

In Part 1 & Part 2, we discussed:

  • The red flags that led Austin to doubt Design Thinking 3 years ago.

  • What Design Thinking is.

  • The origins of design thinking (you don't want to miss this fascinating story).

  • Why innovation is the first key to understanding why Design Thinking is bullsh*t.

  • Where the theory of “disruptive innovation” came from and how it was built on cherry-picked case studies (that didn’t pan out in the end) and circular arguments.

  • The reality of innovation.

  • The myth of IDEO's success.

  • The biases that led to Innovation's popularity.

  • The surprising source of most true innovations throughout history (Spoiler Alert: It wasn't 5-day Design Sprints).

  • The inaccurate and misunderstood lore of IDEO’s Apple Mouse.

  • Austin’s boring (but effective) alternative to innovation.

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A visual of the iPhone “dongle” for those fortunate enough not to pay $25 for one.
Examples of meaningless and distinctive brand assets.

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