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#9: Stef, myself, and ChatGPT discuss the 2023 Super Bowl Commercials.

#9: Stef, myself, and ChatGPT discuss the 2023 Super Bowl Commercials.

We discuss beloved ads that sucked, an ad I hated that worked, and one ad that is so bad I could write an entire article on it. Plus, guest appearances by Bing Chat and Al Pacino!

For anyone new here, I’m the founder of Woo Punch, a brand consultancy rooted in evidence-based brand design. I write about the evidence that debunks brand purpose, differentiation, brand love, loyalty marketing, customer personas, color psychology, mission statements, customer engagement, AdTech, and “hustle culture.”

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This might be the last episode for a while.

Stef and I are now only releasing episodes for special occasions. We have had a lot of fun but we also have a lot on our plates. We hope to release episodes every now and then when we have time or a topic comes up that we just can’t miss talking about.

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Branding Bullsh*t
The BS Show
Brand Strategists Stef Hamerlinck and Austin Franke discuss the BS and myths that run rampant in the brand design, advertising, and marketing industries.