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#4: Absurd Branding Press Releases

#4: Absurd Branding Press Releases

Stef and Austin discuss absurd press releases for a Toys R' Us rebrand, a Velveeta Ad Campaign, and KFC's new tagline.

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Check out Austin’s slide presentation detailing the most ridiculous lines of recent Toys R’ Us, Velveeta, and KFC press releases below (including his personal translations of what they’re actually saying).

View Austin's Slides

Relevant Visuals for Listeners:

See the Toys R' Us Rebrand

Velveeta Ad:

Velveeta’s Desired Customers:

Velveeta’s Actual Customers:

KFC Actor Switches:

Recent KFC Campaign:

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Branding Bullsh*t
The BS Show
Brand Strategists Stef Hamerlinck and Austin Franke discuss the BS and myths that run rampant in the brand design, advertising, and marketing industries.