Customers rarely perceive differentiation, and the few that do, shouldn't be the focus of your marketing efforts.
Listen to my 15-minute masterclass on why brand love is a myth, followed by an interview with the host of the Brand Tuned Podcast, Shireen Smith.
In this episode, Stef and I discuss absurd press releases for a Toys R' Us rebrand, a Velveeta Ad Campaign, and KFC's new tagline.
In this episode, we discuss some bad/good examples in OOH (out of home) advertising. We also discuss a Toys R' Us rebrand press release and the…
The BS Show #2: Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul Advertising AnalysisWatch now (35 min) | Stef and I analyze Saul Goodman's ads in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as well as my city's real-life Saul Goodman, David…
Watch Episode #1 of My New Show with Stef HamerlinckWatch now (28 min) | Stef Hamerlinck, host of the industry-leading Let's Talk Branding podcast, and I launched a new video series where we rant about…
From Papyrus fonts, to abstract swooshy people logos, I take a quick look at my local chiropractor brand cliches.
From pointy swooshes to bullshit science, I take a quick look at a few mattress brand cliches.
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