Watch Episode #1 of My New Show with Stef Hamerlinck

Stef Hamerlinck, host of the industry-leading Let's Talk Branding podcast, and I launched a new video series where we rant about the insanity of the branding industry.

For anyone new here, I’m the founder of Woo Punch, a brand consultancy rooted in evidence-based brand design. I write about the evidence that debunks brand purpose, differentiation, brand love, loyalty marketing, customer personas, color psychology, mission statements, customer engagement, AdTech, and “hustle culture.”

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In our first live episode, we kept it off the cuff* and jumped in without a name or a brand. Then, after about 15 minutes of chatting, we settled on The BS Show. We even created our first meaningless distinctive brand asset! It’s a duck, by the way…

*Staying true to our plan to remain off the cuff, we even forgot to check our audio levels. We’ll do better next time ;)

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